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     ~explains this bonfire series of Earthenware. This is a low heat firing process in a bonfire called ‘Ceramic Ethnoarchaeology ‘ - the study of open firing of pottery firing.

      "The earliest method for firing pottery ware was the use of bonfire/Pit fired pottery. Firing times were short but the peak-temperatures achieved in the fire could be high, perhaps in the region of 900 °C (1,650 °F), and were reached very quickly." Here are some links for more information:

    ~We had a brushfire in the yard and I threw a few bisque pots into the fire for awhile. Ive done this before with my work "Icarus" and love the result. The beautiful variation of value and colour is accentuated by an impregnation of wax and 511impregnator; therefore they are not for food use.



white stoneware,pit /smoke fired,gold enamel,epoxy.

Inspired by Isamu Noguchi’s (1904-1988) biomorphic forms and contemporary Japanese ceramic work, this sculpture combines organic and geometric elements producing a hybrid (of sorts) of movement and serenity. The evolution of this work developed in allowing time to focus on the process of working with ceramics, and attention to aesthetics and balance within the composition.  Initially my goal had been to create a work that was functional; however, as this form emerged, the clay body communicated to me it’s own verbalization and became 'Icarus'.



White and Brown stoneware, Porcelain, and

Ocmulgee claybodies


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