Free Poetry / remnants


2006, 2011,2015-present

Subsequent work will be added periodically.

    In 2011 I began a project of “Free Poetry”. I’d previously written impromptu poetry, inspired quotes, favorite Rumi poems, and other thoughts I’ve had  before, for myself, in a private diary. During my time in Paris, I left samplings of these musings on little scraps of torn paper from my sketchbook as I explored and traveled throughout France. I left them everywhere; in Paris, Perpignan, in parks, in homes of friends, on the TGV and  metro for others to find discover serendipitously, hoping to give them a tiny present moment of joy or wonder in their day. As well as  being an extension of my  “good advice”(2006, Maudslay outdoor sculpture show) series this work also includes performance, video, sculpture installation and “found” art. I’m still continuing this project today.

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           “Shady: a found sculpture for others: 2015”

Un hommage á Duchamp

                An impromptu assemblage of street lampshades,Paris 19th arr.

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