The HYBRID  Project/Series is a series of medically focused artwork using personal experience as inspiration. Inspired by  family traits, genetics, and the overall sense of  “belonging”. What makes us fit, and what sets us apart from one another, even within our own family context?

    “HYBRID” encompasses this experience and  involves  an ongoing  artistic and scientific dialogue examining  family genetics, individuality, and personally perceived experience.  Drawing on medical history, incorporating medical imagery and testing results, these experiences are shared on an artistic platform to complete the work and examine the artist's “presence”.

     Here, the start of the series is the combined features of the charcoal portraits of artist's parents merged to create an "auto likeness portrait" of the Artist,close but not exact... This project will continue to investigate beyond visual or genetic traits of inherited DNA that create one’s individuality and connectivity.

gallery installation




charcoal drawing on paper. 24x24 inches



computer manipulation of parental portraits creating a likeness of the artist. Print on paper 24x24



charcoal on Paper 24x24 inches

Facets 1

Computer manipulation of parental portraits  creating likeness of the artist in various stages of emotion,exhaustion or otherwise.

24x24 inches . print on paper


Facets 2

Selected portions of parental portraits creating a likeness of the artist.

print on paper 24x24 in.


This project is ongoing


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