jenny pagé fine Art


“Little Miss Flowerhands”~graphite on paper 9x12 in. ‘2012


rêve d'amour revisité (love's dream .revisited).

graphite on paper  9x12.2012

(“entertaining the swan in Leda’s absence series”)


“assaf’s foundation” graphite on paper. 9x12 in. 2012.


ensuite ~detail. silverpoint

ensuite ~silverpoint acrylic,and handmade walnut ink on  prepared arches paper .18x24”


me as a tree perhaps~silverpoint on panel 8x10”

Bosc pear detail. silverpoint on arches.private collection


Bosc pear ~silverpoint,acrylic and gold enamel on prepared arches.18x24 inches.2014


“Queen of the Peaches” 43x48 in. charcoal on paper.2007


Saint-Denis.Paris.Charcol/conté on Arches.nov.2015


‘summerpeaches‘18x24.2015 graphite on paper


a portrait drawing.conté on paper.2015

embrace.eternal. 12x16

charcoal/pastel on bamboo paper.2015

‘wendy with an i or y?’

18x24.conté on paper.2016


For the  The HYBRID  Project/ drawing Series.



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