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jenny pagé  fine ArT





“work in progress” oil on canvas. 12 x14 “

‘in progress’ - oil on canvas 16x18 inches


Lunchdate series oil on canvas 10x10 inches



white teacup -oil on panel  12x12 inches

“BALLS!” oil on canvas 10”x10”

trophy-oil on panel 12x12 inches

ginger -silverpoint and gauche on prepared paper -

-18x18 inches or so.


faultlines- oil on canvas 10x10 inches

specimen-oil on linen. 4x6”

‘lone peach:the introvert.’ 8x10

gerbera baby.oil.10x10in.



Self portrait. oil.8x10 2015

afternoon figure study.8x10.oil.2015

ole periwinkle eyes- oil on panel 16x18”

‘cabbagehead.’ oil on canvas 36x36 inches2014

Ancient messengers. oil on panel 2014.

Suite in G ~oil on canvas 36x36 inches2014


Monday’s model. oil on canvas 2016

Flying lesson~oil on panel 43x48 inches


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