Maudslay outdoor sculpture exhibition “TRACE”

   Shockwave explores the connection of a particular event and the residual effects of such events over the long term.  These events, be it, global warming, earthquake, personal life experiences , or sociopolitical events, inevitably create a permanent mark upon it's recipient/s. Over time these effects  evolve, becoming an integral part of shaping the *landscape.

This work is inspired by the direct influences of the aforementioned events. In this context of  this exhibition, 'trace' acts as the resulting consequences  from the alteration of the earth over time by miscellaneous contributing factors,such as visitors,animal and human,weather,and earth changes, if any.

‘Landscape’ in this context is used loosely to represent the tangible or otherwise.

Components: Trees, dirt, woodland debris, spray chalk, participation of changes over time by woodland creatures and visitors to the site. Dimensions  are approximately  60x80 feet.

Maudslay Outdoor Sculpture Show:
2020 and 2021: 20th retrospective exhibition at the Firehouse and BOOK! ~ Maudslay State Park, Newburyport,MA

~Although I'm not currently participating, I'm really honoured and pleased to have been able to take part in this show in previous years when I lived on the seacoast. THANK YOU to all of you at Maudslay Sculpture for making me feel welcome, and inviting me to take part.

2020 was “a special presentation of the show, commemorated with a publication of the 250 participating artists, and 20-year retrospective held at the Firehouse Gallery in Newburyport (2021), and the Riverwalk Brewery also in Newburyport,MA. “Large format photographs and text will tell the story of the 250 area artists who have created over 700 sculptures over the 20 years of the show, and how its vibrant community was built.”

Site-Specific: 20 Years of Outdoor Sculpture at Maudslay  by Author Joyce Audy Zarins


 Introduction by Bert Snow (

This FANTASTIC book is available NOW, through

Jabberwocky Bookshop

at The Tannery Marketplace

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Telephone: 978-465-9359


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*Book sale proceeds will Benefit the Maudslay Outdoor Sculpture Show and Firehouse exhibitions.


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