Maudslay outdoor sculpture exhibition “TRACE”

   Shockwave explores the connection of a particular event and the residual effects of such events over the long term.  These events, be it, global warming, earthquake, personal life experiences , or sociopolitical events, inevitably create a permanent mark upon it's recipient/s. Over time these effects  evolve, becoming an integral part of shaping the  *landscape”.

This work is inspired by the direct influences of the aforementioned events. In this context of  this exhibition, 'trace' acts as the resulting consequences  from the alteration of the earth over time by miscellaneous contributing factors,such as visitors,animal and human,weather,and earth changes, if any.

‘Landscape’ in this context is used loosely to represent the tangible or otherwise.

Components: Trees, dirt, woodland debris, spray chalk, participation of changes over time by woodland creatures and visitors to the site. Dimensions  are approximately  60x80 feet.

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