Andres Institute  of Art

”Primarii Lapidis/Cornerstone” Monumental installation.

Andres Institute  of Art~

”Primarii Lapidis/Cornerstone”

 98 Route 13,

Brookline, New Hampshire, USA

Phone:  (603) 673-8441


Primarii Lapidis~(Latin. ( Άκρογωνιεîς ~ Greek.) English: Cornerstone;                                                                   

Public Location: Andres Institute of Art-

Permanent collection. site #60.

...will sometimes be referred to

as a "foundation-stone". Cornerstone is also a

concept,which provides fundamental tools for

knowledge. As one travels their individual path

they bring an innate understanding of their personal

foundation and what they contribute to the human

legacy. My goal for this work is to impart the

experience of an archeological discovery of a

lost civilization as one approaches the work;

inciting receptivity of the past, present, and what

our future can bring.

Granite. Dimensions vary. Each stone is

approximately 2 tons.


marble torso.



CAI. Contemporary Arts International

permanent outdoor collection: “New Art Archaeology”

68 Quarry Road,Acton,Massachusetts.

Monumental installation

      “HUMAN . NATURE”. 2011.

granite. dimensions vary

CAI. Contemporary Arts International

permanent outdoor collection: “New Art Archaeology”

  “Dem Bones”.  2011. granite.dimensions vary  water: life giver

    femur: evidence of preciousness of +beauty within



“fieldstone  bird” 2012


(snow not included)

approx 2‘hx2‘lx1.5w


“Miss Muffett” alabaster



marble relief



Sculpture work in progress:

~vermont marble: yet untitled~ approx 14hx11wx12l in~

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